Sales prediction and management A.I.

Analyze, Predict, Affect, Convert, Measure.

What is Lilis ?


Lilis is a unique All-In-One Artificial Intelligence, enabling real-time tracking and recognition of behaviors, emotions, text/voice chats, and environment data. 

We are unique in providing such an application designed to predict and convert sales through human psychology management.

Virtual video HR recruiter


Our concern is to give recruiters and hiring managers a powerful time saving technology to focus on closing offers.

Our artificial intelligence’s algorythm focuses on revealing affinities and psychological profile, that job applicants share with the average of your teams.

Lilis uses real-time natural language processing (voice or text) with emotion detection when asking specific questions, verifying qualifications, testing skills, and answering questions from job applicants about things like company culture, architecture, benefits.

After the interview, Lilis delivers updates to the applicant by mail or sms, and ranks candidates depending on human affinity, skills, growth potential, engagement, availability and other metrics.

Eye tracker for A/B testing


Design for ads displayed in public spaces on digital terminals, our technology integrates a powerful eye tracker algorythm that detects gender, height, average age of the subject, and draws heatmap with different metrics like local weather and time, duration, emotions on each step of the experience.

Lilis operates automatic split testing of your ads, and determines which ad headlines, body copy, images, call-to-actions, work best on your target audience where and when.

Lilis just needs a webcam and can easily be integrated to any digital terminal.

Copywriting for physical stores


Our concern is to attract more visitors to your physical store and drive more sales.

By using the full potential of our eye-tracking technology, Lilis is able to get relevant metrics that affects your audience like affluence time, local weather and time, instant emotion, height, gender.

With those informations, Lilis can perform with autonomy and in real-time, copywriting messages on time to the right audience, and alert your staff on which products to make more visible.

The strategy consists of evoking specific emotions in order to attract visitors in and convert sales.

This feature of our A.I. can be easily integrated on any monitor with a webcam.

Virtual video call center 


Our concern here is to optimize your call center efficiency by pairing your customers to the best agent for them.

From a visual catalogue of available agents, a customer can choose his favorite agent’s picture to start a video call.

During the call, lilis translates voice to text, tracks face emotions, and from his catalogue of solutions studied with your company, can suggest in real-time to the agent the best answers to give with the right formulation.

Lilis learns with experience and give real time metrics on sales and customer satisfaction.

Virtual human manager


Our concern is to empower humans in your organization in order to create a positive dynamic and strong cohesion that will impact sales conversion and productivity.

We inspired our algorythm from psychology and unit testing practices, and are constantly working with the best specialists to get Lilis more performant every day in decision making and tasks dispatching.

Split your mission into tasks and Lilis will dispatch every task to the right resource by interacting with him on different aspects of management like availability, time estimate, feedback, personal approach on how to solve the problem and personal emotions.

With this data, Lilis draws metrics that will predict improvements to apply in future strategies in order to improve your teams efficiency.

When you can measure, you can manage, measure what matters.

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