Analyze human data, Predict sales strategy, Affect human relations, Convert sales, Measure ROI.

Our Mission

Sales prediction & human cohesion

The science behind Lilis. Using big data analytics from third parties, Kingkombs uses Lilis, our artificial intelligence algorythm to predict the best strategy to use for sales conversion and human empowerement.

Deployment process. Deployment of our algorythm and technology is led by our global deployment and engineering team. This process typically takes between 3 to 14 days and requires minimal time by the client’s information technology.

ROI Metrics. Our algorythm uses a real-time technology to transport data from your sales point or office to our data center or any cloud storage. Metrics are available almost instantly with complete and readable charts to help you measuring what matters and your roi.

Updates process. Lilis is constantly learning and our engineering team is always working hard to make the experience better. Updates are done gracefully and remotely in the background without any interruption.

The business model. We offer a SaaS portal with pricing including per-agent (employee) and enterprise specifications and variants.

Industries we help. Given the point that our artificial intelligence is designed as a All-In-One A.I., lilis is useful in different areas and industries including sport, education, governments and politics, medical, retail, gaming, insurance, transport, telephony and many  more.

Daily pulse. Either you use Lilis as a virtual human manager, an eye tracker for a/b testing tool, or a virtual video HR recruiter, we provide a responsive portal that gives you the opportunity to interact yourself with Lilis and get access to all the metrics in real-time.

Team sentiment analysis. For once in the history, an A.I. is able to measure  intangible factors such as team mood, work ethic, closing ability & seasonality. Our great team of Psychologists and engineers make that possible.

environment data

Lilis integrates a secured api that requests periodically environment data such as  local weather data and newspapers.

Eye and emotion tracking

Our technology is easy to plug in and integrate, and is deployable on most of the major infrastructures for virtual recruitement and sales conversion.

team sentiment analysis

Our team of engineers and psychologists is constantly working to make a change in the way we have always approached human management.

engineers and psychologists behind lilis


KingKombs is a hot global startup with offices in Malta & Paris. The founding team members have all had major

successes in IT, management and philosophy. Our mission is to make a change in the way we manage humans nowadays, and are constantly looking for smart and passionated people.

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