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Founders have strong international experience in management and IT, and are extremely concerned about human empowerment and psychology. You will join a family that will break pre-conceived schemes and bring the best of yourself.

we believe in something greater that makes a change

Lilis, the Artificial Intelligence our team of engineers and psychologists conceived is designed to change the way we manage humans inside companies. Lilis puts human first and brings cohesion inside a team to drive sales.

We are constantly learning from humans with our customers, and we bring a real change. We will like you to be part of this change.

We help you to achieve your life goals

Working with KingKombs is not just doing what you are good at, and waking up everyday for someone else idea. No, with KingKombs, we want you to be who you are and to use this energy to help us. We are opened to ideas and creativity and flexibility.

This company is yours and we make sure you get understood. It’s a human and smart company.

Work where you want in the world

We are currently based in Malta and Paris and we plan to expand in many other countries in the future. We care about our collaborators and how to drive their energy to the maximum.

help us to make a change

Opened positions

Web Developer (Full Stack)

Full Time (30k – 45k)

Your role will be to improve Lilis algorythm and take it to another level.

You must be familiar with Vanilla Js, php7, Redis, MongoDb, MariaDb, NodeJs, sockets. ElasticSearch, unit testing skills and experience in big data are really appreciated. 

We also appreciate knowledge of at least one popular framework like (Symfony, Laravel, AngularJs, React), team cooperation tools like Jira, Trello, and deployment chain (Capistrano, PM2). 

We don’t look at your degrees or your school, we are looking for passionated and humble developers who think out of the box and constantly grow.

Sales manager

Full time (25k – 30k, + bonuses) 

Could you sell sand in the desert? If yes, we are not interested.

Can you sell love, vision and change? If yes, you are hired.

Your role will be to find new partners and customers sharing our vision,,, customers and partners with who, we will be able to make a change in the world.

No limitations of territory, the world is all yours, we need your talent.

System Administrator

Full Time (35k – 40k)

We have a problem, we receive a lot of data in our servers and our infrastucture is growing terribly fast generating scalability issues.

We are looking for our infrastructure guy who will constantly solve our problems according to the challenges we will face in the future.

You must have working knowledge of HTTP, DNS, FTP, POP, Linux and NFS, Load balancers, TCP/IP, Virtualization, Nginx+.


Full Time (30k – 50k)

Your role is to help us drawing psychological profiles from human metrics.

You will teach Lilis with the help of our engineers, how to bring cohesion within a team, improve management and predict customers choices.

You may be able to move around the globe to meet our customers’s employees. A lot of flexibility is needed for this position.

HR manager

Full time (25k – 30K) 

Your role is to bring us your rich experience of recruitment, and help us to improve Lilis on detecting the best candidates for positions in various industries.

Minimum of 3 years of experience required. Previous freelance experience will be highly considered.

It’s time to be part of an adventure that can change the world.

Project manager

Full Time (40k – 50k)

You are in charge of the 5 war horses of KingKombs. You collect the customers needs and become their best friend.

You use Lilis to dispatch tasks to your teams, and are responsible of applying necessary changes proposed by Lilis to improve team efficiency and cohesion.

You are humble and always put human first. If you are seeing yourself in our description, then you are the project manager we need.

In love with KingKombs spirit?